Dizzy Pink is back!

Well the title says it all really, Dizzy Pink is back online. Our online store has been rebuilt and is looking better than ever, featuring all the Hello Kitty goodness we love. It is true we have been on a longer than expected hiatus but we are back and we are going to be better than ever.

We now have various social media outlets so we can spread the Hello Kitty word far and wide so please follow us:

facebook-26 Facebook : twitter-26 Twitter : pinterest-26 Pinterest : instagram-26 Instagram

And we are planning on having stalls at some events so we can start to meet you all, we will be posting details of events we are visiting on this blog and on our other social media accounts.

We are also hoping to give you a bit of an insight to how we work, and also sneak peeks of upcoming products.

But that’s not all……..

This blog will also be our focus point for sharing the many Hello Kitty pictures, articles and posts we find on our journey through the world wide web.

Catch you all soon,

Dizzy Pink