Summer is nearly over and as the days tick away…. NEW TERM!

Summer is nearly over and as the days tick away, for many of you it is time to think about the new school or college term. You may be starting a new school or just a new year, you might have new friends to make or old friends to catch up with but whatever the situation that fateful day is getting closer for you to return to the classroom.

Pupil and teacher alike feel the stresses and strains of starting a new term so it is vital you enjoy those last precious days of freedom, kick aside those fears  and most importantly prepare for the inevitable, after all September is only round the corner!

So here you go, here are our top tips for those new term jitters:

Yes the summer is over but “Be Happy to be there” – A persons attitude can be infectious, we have all been there with that person who brings the room to life. Be that person, smile, make jokes, laugh, be happy to be there and it will carry through to everyone else. Even if you are not happy inside then fake it until you feel it, being sad won’t help anyone and makes the day a heck of a lot longer!


Plan your day, both the start and finish – Planning your day is good but also remember to plan in a finish to that day. Yes there is always more work/study you can do but burning yourself out won’t help manage stress or help you to be rested for the next day in class. You need that work/life balance to survive the year.

Learn from those more experienced – Is there someone who seems to make it all look so easy, always happy and filled with confidence? If so learn from them, their habits, their schedule, ask them for advice. No one is born with the ability to learn, it is something we develop and build over time. We can all learn something new, even in the holidays every day is a school day! Don’t forget to offer advice and support to others as well, chances are you are all in the same boat!


Have an emergency supply – Be it a draw, your locker or a spare bag, school/college will become your second home so keep some essentials on hand in case of emergencies. What your list is depends on you but it could be some toiletries, batteries, charger, an umbrella, winter clothes, things that you might wish you had but wouldn’t normally pack on a daily basis. Remember to keep replenishing your supplies, nothing worse than falling at the last hurdle when discovering you have not stocked up!



School starts on Sunday – Don’t panic, it doesn’t actually start on Sunday but your planning should and I don’t mean lessons. Get organised and plan all your after school activities (Shopping, gym, cleaning, washing, etc) for the coming week and put these in your lesson plan book. That way hopefully you won’t get home tired from your day to find no food in your fridge or clean clothes for the next day.

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle – Don’t compare yourself to someone further ahead than you, yes they will know more, be able to do more, find           things easier than you but that is because they are not just starting out. If you are new to the school, college or class don’t compare yourself to others who have been there longer.



And lastly ,

Remember you are unique- Whatever your role be it teacher, admin or student your personality and skills are what make you unique. Enjoy being you and surround yourself, whenever possible, with people who appreciate that. Being yourself is the most anyone could ever ask for or expect.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, be proud of what you can achieve!

Roll on September!


A Kitty day at the seaside

Summer is here and so that means a trip to the seaside. A day of far too much food,

bright flashing arcades, scary rides, the beach,

and of course building sandcastles.

A great day was had by all, and the weather did us proud, sunshine, the sea and to finish it off, fish and chips by the beach, what more could you ask for 🙂