Hello Kitty Wine

To the casual viewer Hello Kitty is purely for children, comprising of toys, clothing and pocket money gifts. But there is another side to Kitty, the side that appeals to an older audience, where the sweet and kitsch imagery of Hello Kitty can be enjoyed like a soft comforting blanket.

So whereas it might seem strange to most people that there is Hello Kitty wine, I am sure there is a market eager to sample it.

There are currently 5 wines in the collection:

Hello Kitty Sparkling Rosè Special Edition – 750ml (Limited to 15000 bottles)

Hello Kitty Sweet Pink Sparkling Wine – 375ml

Hello Kitty Sparkling Rosè – 750ml

Hello Kitty Pinot Noir – 750ml

Hello Kitty Pinot Nero Vinified in White – 750ml

The Sweet Pink comes in a specially designed bottle and the Special Edition Rosè is limited to 15,000 numbered bottles.

Sadly this isn’t something we will be stocking at Dizzy Pink but for more information please follow the link: https://hellokittywines.swvino.com/


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