Hello Kitty is Kawaii – What is Kawaii?

Kawaii (lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”) is the culture of cuteness in Japan. It can refer to items, humans and nonhumans that are charming, vulnerable, shy and childlike, for example Hello Kitty 🙂

The rise of cuteness in Japanese culture emerged in the 1970s as part of a new style of writing. Many teenage girls began to write laterally using mechanical pencils. These pencils produced very fine lines, as opposed to traditional Japanese writing that varied in thickness and was vertical. The girls would also write in big, round characters and they added little pictures to their writing, such as hearts, stars, emoticon faces, and letters of the Latin alphabet.

These pictures would be inserted randomly and made the writing difficult to read. As a result, this writing style caused a lot of controversy and was banned in many schools. During the 1980s, however, this new “cute” writing was adopted by magazines and comics and was put onto packaging and advertising.

Because of this growing trend, companies such as Sanrio came out with merchandise like Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty was an immediate success and the obsession with cute continued to progress in other areas as well. The market for cute merchandise in Japan used to be driven by Japanese girls between 15 and 18 years old. No longer limited to teenagers, the spread of making things as cute as possible, even common household items, is embraced by people of all ages.

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Hello Kitty – The early years

Shortly after her creation in 1974, the first Hello Kitty product, a vinyl coin purse, was introduced by Sanrio.

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Original Hello Kitty coin purse from 1974

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Hello Kitty sold well after the 1974 launch, and Sanrio’s sales increased seven times. Hello Kitty was originally marketed only towards a child and preteen audience. In the 1990s, the target market for Hello Kitty was broadened to include teens and adults as a retro brand. Marketed to those who could not get Hello Kitty merchandise as children, or who fondly remember items they had, Sanrio began selling Hello Kitty branded products such as purses and laptops. The 1994–1996 Face series was the first to be designed for a more mature appeal.

According to Sanrio, in 1999 Hello Kitty appeared on 12,000 different products yearly. By 2008, Hello Kitty was responsible for half of Sanrio’s $1 billion revenue and there were over 50,000 different Hello Kitty branded products in more than 60 countries.

Hello Kitty and Mimmy celebrated their 40th Anniversary on 1 November 2014. The “Arigato Everyone Birthday Celebration” took place in Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo for several days.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hello_Kitty

A perfect Hello Kitty charm for Valentines Day

A charm is the perfect gift for Valentines day, so give the one you love a small token that they can keep with them at all times.

Hello Kitty Charm in Heart Gift Tin

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